About Us

The Difference Society aims to change the world by teaching the youth and young adults financially literacy and the importance of thinking outside the box regarding entrepreneurship. We will help youth and young adults break the cycle of financial illiteracy and dependence by equipping them with the essential tools needed to start, fund, manage, and scale businesses.



The Difference Society's vision is to establish an encouraging, collaborative, and interactive environment that nurtures an innovative and creative entrepreneurial mind-set in youth and young adults.


  • Empowerment: The Difference Society believes empowered youth and young adults become dreamers and doers. The Difference Society strives to promote a culture of empowerment through its programs and services.
  • Teamwork: The Difference Society believes in the power of healthy collaborative circles. The Difference Society also believes when people work together in pursuit of common goals and interests, the outcomes are far greater.
  • Self-Esteem: The Difference Society values the power of self-esteem and the undeniable affect it has on propelling people forward in life.
  • Innovation: The Difference Society believes in fostering new ideas, creative thinking, and affecting change through innovative processes.


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