Washington, D.C. has significant economic disparities, with pockets of wealth and affluence alongside areas of poverty and income inequality. Our programs are important because we help students from disadvantaged backgrounds make informed financial decisions, break the cycle of poverty, and work toward economic mobility.

Financial Literacy:

The Difference Society Provides After School Programming for ages 6-18 within the District of Columbia teaching Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship. Our students learn the importance and fundamentals of Financial Literacy ranging from the following topics:

1) Budgeting

2) Saving, Spending, Investing and Donating

3) Banking

4) Credit and Debt

5) Taxes

6) Financial Goals

7) Earning Income

8) Financial Pitfalls 

9) Emergency Funds and More! 


Our students develop valuable skills and explore innovative ideas within our program from the following topics:

1) Goal Setting

2) Business Planning

3) Business Management

4) Marketing & Sales

5) Ethics & Responsibilities

6) Mindset & Soft Skills

7) Leadership , Characteristics and More!