Community Outreach

The Difference Society collaborates with other local organizations, businesses, government agencies, and community leaders to pool resources and expertise to better address community needs.

1) Back to School Drives:

Many students and families face financial constraints that prevent them from acquiring the necessary school supplies and clothing. By us providing our communities with the necessities they need help bridge this gap, ensuring that all students have access to the basic tools they need for learning. 

2) Thanksgiving Drives:

One of the primary purposes of Thanksgiving drives is to provide food to individuals and families who may not have enough to eat. These drives help ensure that everyone can enjoy a Thanksgiving meal and have access to nutritious food. The Difference Society, hand delivers food to local shelters, the homeless and communities in need. 

3) Clothing Drives:

The Difference Society provides clothing to individuals and families who are in need, such as the homeless, low-income families, disaster victims etc. Access to clean and appropriate clothing is essential for maintaining dignity and comfort, especially in challenging circumstances.

4) Holiday Drives:

Christmas Drives brings communities together. They foster sense of togetherness and unity as we collaborate to collect donations, wrap gifts, and distribute them to those in need. This sense of community can strengthen bonds and create a more connected and caring society. The Difference Society targets low-income families, homeless individuals, and children in need. By collecting and distributing essential items, they provide much-needed support to those who may be struggling during the holidays.